Mark Foxworth, in collaboration with Nathan Smith of PART Studio, helped design and fabricate The Mouse Room. a temporary enclosure for viewing room the documentary The Mouse by Studio Bigert & Bergstrom. for the Second Life exhibition.  The room was constructed of weathered, cedar planks that had served as the skin for a previous temporary out-door sculpture.  In keeping with notions of taxidermy, the focus of the Second Life exhibition, the salvaged boards were first transformed with routed notches to expose the inner "flesh" of the raw cedar and then hung on a skeleton of 2x4 framing.  This wood screen provides obscured glimpses of the video from outside and from within, filtered light renders it diaphanous.  The scent of the cut cedar creates a truly olfactory space invoking shavings of rodent cages while the visual experience of the interior is akin to crawling behind the walls of an old house.