(5.5″x5.5″x14″) Laser cut, chestnut stained, birch plywood; green and terracotta swirl patterned, stained glass; lamp parts – 2013.

The “Terra” lamp design is generated with the Grasshopper for Rhino. It uses a modified “substrate” definition to generate a pattern reminiscent of shifted urban street grids, rock strata, and agricultural plans with nods to Mondrian, Wright, and Eisenman.  The design can be modified from a straight rectilinear to a widely shifted, angular scheme.

The table lamp is fabricated from laser cut 1/8″ thick birch plywood on a Full Spectrum 40W Hobby laser cutter.  The wood is cut, hand sanded, stained, and finished.  The stained glass “insert” is hand assembled using a copper foiled technique.  In this version patterned, green, stained glass is oriented horizontally to further convey a sense of land forms and agriculture plots.